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Freelancing opportunities with Huxley for our graduates

If you are looking into becoming a freelancer after graduation from the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp we have some good new for you. Thanks to our collaboration with Huxley we now offer an opportunity to begin you freelance career as a web/mobile developer. Not only this, but also during the bootcamp you will have a chance to attend a workshop hosted by Huxley to get an invaluable insight into freelance market. Make sure to find out more about these amazing agency and prepare your questions for the workshop:

Huxley – Global Recruitment Specialists

At Huxley, we’re proud to be recognised as trusted recruitment partners within the IT industry. Our specialist consultant teams are equipped with the tools to create life changing partnerships between talented IT professionals and industry-leading organisations. Working with Huxley, you’ll have access to a range of positions across front and back end development, cyber security, digital and online, ERP, Data and Business Intelligence, and more.

Our network is made up of a wealth of businesses, ranging from globally leading technology companies to innovative start-ups. We’ll work closely with you to identify your key skills and requirements. This way, we’ll secure an IT role that’s right for you.

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