Barcelona Code School

Responsive web design with CSS3

Learn how to create modern responsive websites for any devices with the latest CSS

5 days, 40 hours, full-time

Responsive web design with CSS3 course in Barcelona Code School

What you'll learn

  • Creating all kinds of layout of any complexity
  • Using media queries to switch between desktop/tablet/mobile versions of your website
  • Understanding simple and combined selectors
  • Absolute/relative length units (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • The holy box model
  • Positioning, stacking, floating your elements with/wthout taking them out of the natural document's flow
  • Using margins/paddings/borders
  • Creating layouts with CSS Grid (amen to that)
  • Flexbox properties and why they rule for the native mobile apps
  • Cross-browser testing, resetting, normalizing, debugging, validating
  • Browser-based development

The outcome

  • You will be able to build a layout for any kind of website
  • It would be a responsive layout working great on any screen size
  • You will know how to use custom CSS with pages generated by any type of CMS or in other cases where you don't have control over classes/ids by using combined selector and DOM logic
  • A portfolio of several projects created with pure CSS



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  • You will need a laptop, the OS doesn't matter, MacOS, Windows, Linux is all fine
  • Google Chrome
  • Any code editor: Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Atom, etc...
  • An account with GitHub (free account is fine!)
  • If you can install Git it would be amazing. (Instructions for Mac, Windows, Linux)

Who is this course for?

  • Students thinking about building their static websites, landing pages, prototypes
  • Developers aiming at learning CSS to add to their skill set
  • Designers willing to learn how to implement mockups in code
  • Beginners starting to learn HTML/CSS

Inquiry about the course

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