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What is Barcelona Code School

Barcelona Code School is one of the top-ranked code schools offering immersive full-stack training on web and mobile development with JavaScript MERN stack (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, React.js) and React Native.

This bootcamp is aimed at preparing junior software engineers. Combined with the job support we offer the bootcamp is a powerful springboard into starting a new career which helped hundreds of our graduates to get into tech and change their lives for the better.

For those looking for a career in tech which doesn't involve coding we offer the UX/UI Design Bootcamp to enter the fascinating field of User Experience Design.

Finally, another track we offer is Machine Learning and AI development engineering bootcamp. Designed for the students willing to enter the Machine Learning field with skills such as Deep Learning, Neural Netwrok, AI development.

Thanks to our top-notch curriculum and one of the best student/mentors ratios we achieve truly in-depth learning experience and succeed in preparing students for a job-ready level in 9 weeks of full-time training.

Since the very start in 2015 we carry on the “Women in Tech” scholarship and supporting underrepresented groups through numerous collaborations and partnerships.

Who are we?

George Kovalev


Coding has been a life-long passion for George which started from creating his first game when he was ten years old. In BCS he is responsible for creating, updating and maintaining the curriculum for the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp.

His experience in both entrepreneurship and coding gives a unique twist to the curriculum and teaching approach at Barcelona Code School.

Team: JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

Chris Kelly

UX Designer

Graduate of Central St. Martins School of Art and Design, Chris’s transition into UX came through his background in media working on Film and TV series for 20th Century Fox, Ripple World Pictures, BBC, Entertainment One and Netflix.

He is currently the managing director of Nebula Industries Ltd, a bespoke creative studio of designers and developers who produce outstanding user centric apps and websites. Through a variety of influences, Chris combines his understanding of visual composition and narrative to inform his work believing that the individual and the subconscious psychological drivers that influence us, should be at the heart of every ethical design decision make.

Team: UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Paweł Kornas


After working as a maritime engineer Paweł was looking for new challenges in life and decided to dive into the world of programming. He moved to Barcelona in 2021 to participate in the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp at the school. After successful completion with outstanding results, he was offered the position as a full-time instructor.

Pawel draws upon his background in engineering to meet students' needs and convey his knowledge by employing a variety of different approaches.

"Going through the BCS programme gave me a lot of joy and my goal is to pass on my knowledge and ignite a love for programming in new programmers starting off in the industry".

Team: JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

Marina Tudela

UX Designer

My work seeks the harmony between service and beauty. With a background in visual communication, I am currently immersed in Experience Design at Haufe, a company focusing in innovative media and software solutions.

Marina is the mastermind behind our original UX/UI Design Bootcamp curriculum.

Team: UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Ana Roman

UX/UI Designer

Ana is an UX/UI designer with almost a decade of experience in customer service. Thanks to a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising & Public Relations, she learnt the importance of knowing your users and adapting to their needs and behaviour.

Our own graduate, Ana finished UX/UI Design Bootcamp at BCS and found her new career. Her goal is to create beautiful, intuitive and enjoyable experiences for people.

Team: UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Adrià Compte Rossell

Product Designer / UX Engineer

Audiovisual Systems Engineer with 10 years of experience in the digital product design space. Has worked for companies like HP and Softonic as a UX Engineer, and is currently working as a Senior Product Designer at Nespresso.

Expert in Lean methodologies and the whole product design cycle, has participated on the creation of multiple design systems, built different entrepreneurship projects, is passionate about data visualization, and is currently exploring the creative coding scene.

Team: UX/UI Design Bootcamp