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Antonello Sanna


After graduating in the UK in Sound Engineering and Design, he taught himself JavaScript/Node and front-end web development and since then he never wanted to do anything else! Antonello is now helping other people to learn coding here at Barcelona Code School.

Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, React, Redux, React Native, Mobx, Meteor.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

George Kovalev


Coding has been a life-long passion for George which started from creating his first game as a 10 y.o. kid.

His experience in both entrepreneurship and coding gives a unique twist to the curriculum and teaching approach at Barcelona Code School.

Gaelle Collas


After working as a Civil Engineer in France, she then came to live in Barcelona to become a family coach and taught herself programming at the same time. As she loves to learn and share, she started to teach programming and robotics as well as coaching people in their personal and professional life. She is now working in Barcelona Code School, helping kids to learn to code.

Marina Tudela

Senior UX Designer

My work seeks the harmony between service and beauty. With a background in visual communication, I am currently immersed in Experience Design at Haufe, a company focusing in innovative media and software solutions.

Margarita Solovyeva

UX Designer

As a User Experience Designer, Margarita has always been passionate about innovation processes and problem-solving. Her experience combines research, design, and management applied to the variety of projects in different fields.

Currently, Margarita is helping our students to discover the world of UX and make sure they are enjoying their experience throughout the course.

Matej Murín


Matej is a passionate and skilled software developer prolific in React.js, React Native, NodeJS, Mongo, Python, Docker.

His teaching experience in and developer's experience in companies like thinkcreatix, yeself, profit365 give Matej a perfect combination of real-life devs skills and understanding of teaching process.

Sophie Goldenberg

Graphic designer

Graphic & Motion Designer, she has always been passionately interested in art, design and filmmaking. Sophie studied Fine Arts in Moscow, but then moved to Barcelona to study Graphic Design. Sine then she has been working on personal projects, improving her skills in every artistic area possible.

Sebastian Marichal

Robotics instructor

I’m a computer science researcher with special interest in Human Computer Interaction. Currently I’m a PhD student and my main interest is to determine how physical interaction supports cognition in different contexts and through diverse interaction paradigms such as tangibles, mixed-reality and wearbles devices.

I’ve been also working with children for my Bachelor thesis where I’ve developed a mixed-reality interface for children with cerebral palsy.

I also enjoy DIY and taking part into creative projects. I’m always searching new projects and challenges in order to continue my personal and professional developing.