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Students projects

Take a look at some of the students projects built during the bootcamp.

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Express Server Generator

npm package for quickly generating the express server files/folders for models, controllers and routes

express-server-generator is an executable npm package which once installed globally in your system allows you to generate a whole file structure for the server by running esg command in the terminal.

Check it out for your next project, it will save a lot of time.

Get it directly from npmjs with this link.

Responsive React NavBar

npm package for fully customisable navbar built by our instructor Antonello Sanna

Built in a truly React.js way this navbar is totally customisable via props, all the links, items, colors, sizes, logo, etc are passed through props. And it has dropdowns as well!

Get it directly from npmjs with this link.

CSS Grid

A simple introduction to the CSS Grid

This is a super beginner-friendly introduction made by BCS for the Google I/O 2018 extended talks. An 8-step process, in every step new stuff being added and marked with comments in the html or css file.

Get it directly from GitHub with this link.