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Why do we love programming

Here are 6 reasons why Barcelona Code School team loves programming.

  • Coding is something that makes a difference. When you code, you get this feeling that you are helping people. Through code you can create something that people interact with, use, touch and work with. When you manage to build something that solves problems, you know that you are making a difference in someone else's life. That is an amazing feeling.
  • Team work. The community of software developers is much closer knit than most professions. There are plenty meetups and networking events for every niche of programming. There is also a huge community that supports programmers online, so you never code alone. Beside that working as a developer you can actually involve a great deal of interaction with others across the business. That includes designers, managers, clients and users. These people usually have a different viewpoint on programming which in some cases annoys the programmer. But let's stay positive, experience working in a team is invaluable as it helps you to become more versatile as a professional, therefore more valuable as an employee. Besides that you can also find a lot of inspiration coming out from a non-technical level. Last but not least, coding as a career has no boundaries and knows no countries, therefore programmers are usually surrounded by international folks. Which is -- now I am talking from my own experience -- pretty amazing!
  • Problem solving. The sense of accomplishment when solving a really complicated problem cannot be beaten. There are always new problems to solve, solutions to find and bugs to fix. The non-repeating nature of the subject implies that each new challenge you solve will teach you something new in return and make you a better programmer.
  • Constant learning. Programming languages are constantly progressing and getting better, therefore you will find yourself learning all the times. According to the latest Hackerrank survey, programming ecosystem is rapidly changing at a fast with new frameworks and tools appearing sometimes way too often. It is not happening to deliberately mess up your life. It happens because programming advances and that is a thing to get excited about!
  • Challenge. Many aspects of programming are challenging. Building up requirements, designing clear and scalable systems, writing efficient code and debugging in a multi-threaded environment are not easy tasks. Surprisingly, mental challenges are one of the things that excites Barcelona Code School students the most. Programming languages have strict logic that you must comply with at all times, but there is almost an infinite number of ways to write a program to solve given problem.
  • Creating something that didn't exist before. That’s second most exciting thing. Programming is creation in a sense that something new comes to existence. Client gives you a task or a problem to solve and at the end of a day you have a new product that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Do you remember the feeling of your very first “Hello world” line showing up on the screen? Yes, that is the excitement I am talking about.
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