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UX Weekend workshop in Barcelona Code School

a.k.a. How to Avoid Usability Hell

Design hell

We are excited to announce a standalone UX Weekend workshop in Barcelona Code School coming on June 23–24. Unsheathe your laptops and prepare to get seriously trained on the UX design fundamentals and best practices.

This 2-day intensive course will start with some basics of the UX fundamental concepts and quickly progress to the practical part of the course which involves applying new skills for a real life project. Through guided step by step approach you will learn how to begin when building a new website or app and finish with final wireframes for your project.

This course would be extremely beneficial for coders, designers, product owners and startup founders thinking about building their apps in the right way.

In this course you will learn the core fundamentals of UX Design and what makes a site or an application work in terms of usability. We will be using industry standard software such as Sketch and Invision. You will learn the basics of the UX concepts and methodologies while working on a practical project.

The presale is open with a special price before May 23.

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