We pray to code / Est. 2015

Student's story: Yen Hoang

Graduated from the JavaScript Full-Stack Online Bootcamp

Job landed: developer at Mind The Bridge

My passion for web development started with my Yahoo blog and then WordPress. I was a blogger who loved to write a bit of code to upgrade my blog at that time. It was just only some code to customize the blog, like adding image, adding header, changing side widgets or customizing the comments area.

However, it felt exciting and fun when I did some nice layout or nice theme for my blog. I started the course from zero, I knew nothing about coding. And looking at all my projects, I'm grateful and proud of myself.

"I think I've learned more than I expected."

The decision to start this full-stack bootcamp was not easy as it seems to everyone. Despite everyone telling me that there are plenty of people who start over their career by taking a bootcamp in 9 weeks or more, I was still worried, A LOT to be honest.

I spent nights, weeks to read about how hard is the bootcamp, what is the condition to join a bootcamp and what is the best school to do it. I doubted myself if I have the ability to work as a developer in the future. It took me 2 months to think it over and decided to stop my business and contact Barcelona Code School for a registering.

I had good and bad experience during the bootcamp. The bad one – I knew it is hard, but I didn't know exactly how hard it will be. Therefore, I was shocked about the volume of knowledge I needed to master in a short time. Also, it is an online course, sometimes I feel alone because I'm on it alone.

The good one – I have had excellent teachers who are willing to guide me through my course. They are patient and kind. Moreover, I have fun when I code. It is the most important thing to me. I like it and I finally can engage myself to it.

What challenged me the most was the final web app project. From all the small exercises in JavaScript part you need to go big. Authentication, Stripe payment, back-end server. But at the end, with all the support from the school, it was an exciting and fun challenge.

To be honest I thought about giving up more than 2 times. When I was stuck at some point, I thought just giving up is much easier. But I guess seeing all the students projects in the showcase/gallery helped me a lot. People can finish it and why not me?

I guess this thought was my main motivation to start looking for a bootcamp. Moreover, after trying different things like doing business, working as tour guide I thought I can give it a try to learn about coding. Life is short and I do not want to stay the same all the time.

Right now, I am looking for a job as full-stack developer. Meanwhile, I keep learning Next.js to sharpen my front-end skills. I hope I can use all my new skills for a fun and exciting future job. I am looking forward to it.

My advice to all the future students – you probably should put a lot of efforts into the pre-course, try to prepare yourself as much as you can because during the course you will need to keep moving forward. But anyway, I think you guys are great, if I can do it, you absolutely can do it too as long as you get George and other teachers by your side.