Upgrade yourself / Est. 2015

Learn building React apps... now with SSR!

SSR is hugely important and somehow confusing for the beginners... We know how to fix that!

As we constantly update and improve the curriculum for the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp we've just hit another milestone by adding a Server-Side Rendering to the course. This topic is not super beginners-friendly but we've found a way.

So from now on your React apps wouldn't load empty DOM for Google to see no content. Instead, you will learn how to render your front-end from the back-end to send fully loaded pages on the first initial load.

Yes, a bit confusing. But to put it simply, with SSR your apps would be super mega friendly for all the search engines, social media and bots crawling your websites day and night. And this is huge improvement! And it will be easy! So let's server-side render everything!!!

Come join us at the server side!

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