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7 reasons to learn programming in 2018

We are two weeks into 2018 already. How are you keeping your New Year’s coding resolutions on track? Yes, we know what you are thinking right now – every day is a perfect day for a start, and hearing about yearly resolutions over and over again sounds forced. You don’t need to start coding on the 1st of January. But in one year you can surely investigate the tech industry in depth, choose the suitable course, start learning and find a job. Yes, you can achieve all of this in one year. Let’s take a closer look at the tech industry itself and see if it is actually worth to start coding this year.

Tech industry is rising

2018 is actually the exciting time to be working in tech, because digital transformation is happening at a light speed, and there are plenty of job openings starting with AR/VR all the way to medical technology and fintech. And you know what, by learning programming language such as JavaScript you can get directly into tech (don’t think of JavaScript+React as solely front-end web work). JavaScript framework React has broken free of its web roots and can now be applied to things such as IoT or AR/VR.

Programming is the new literacy

You have probably heard the saying that JavaScript is the new English. And that’s true. Once you get into programming you start to better understand technology and the forces that drive innovations. With all this tech hype, there is no doubt that the need of computer literate people will become a norm.

Programmers are in a great demand

According to Forbes, programming, especially with multi-faceted languages like Javascript, remains an in-demand skill. Just take a look at top 5 programming languages on Hacker News Hiring Trends. JavaScript framework React had it’s largest margin of victory and came close to being mentioned in 25% of the postings in December, 2017.

Salary increase

According to a Course Report survey, it takes from one to six months to find a job for a bootcamp graduate. More than two thirds of those who took a programming course indicated that their salary increased by 51%.

Become better at what you do!

Learning to program can add up value to what you do regardless of what your current profession is. It does not matter if you are a project manager, marketer or UI/UX designer, coding is always a good skill to have even if you are not aiming to become a professional web developer. So why don’t you go and ask your boss to sponsor a web development course for you? You will kill two birds with one stone. We are talking about the raise you were dreaming about, and a happy boss who will save money by getting rid of that freelance web developer. Double win!

Place-independent living

Not to mention that web developers can work as freelancers, coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries. This means that programmers are sought after not only in a tech. If one day you decide to move to another continent, you have to make sure you will be able to find a well-paying job there. Software developers could just as easily find themselves working at a tech firm, as they could in a hospital or government institutions. Other than that, there are plenty of online courses out there that you can take from anywhere. So make sure you are learning something universal that can provide you with a job regardless of where you are.

Save time – enroll to a bootcamp

In order to start a career in tech you don’t need to go to university again. Coding bootcamp does it pretty well when it comes to preparing graduates for the web development roles. It is also easier for the coding bootcamp to change their curriculum considering changes in the industry compared to academic institutions. Universities are actually having hard times catching up. Last but no least, consider 4 year degree vs. 9-week bootcamp. Bootcamp is much more cost effective and it starts paying off earlier. And that’s it, if you want to know more about how it feels to be a programmer, explore our blog and start learning! Time is a precious thing, don’t waste it on hesitations, start doing even though 1st of January has already passed.

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