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Raise money for your studies at Barcelona Code School

We have good news to all future female leaders. Barcelona Code School now has a partner that can make your tech dreams come true. FutureFunded can help you to raise funds to afford our 9-week training program and become a superstar web developer.


Who is eligible?

Every woman is eligible to apply. Barcelona Code School believes that everyone can learn how to code, therefore there is no selection process from our part. Our curriculum is tailored for the beginners, which means we start at the basic level and progress rapidly to the advanced level. The only thing you need to do is to apply for the program and start your crowdfunding campaign on FutureFunded.

How does it work?

If you are interested in studying with us you have to fill out the form on FutureFunded platform. Once you get approved, you meet with FutureFunded team, pass their selection process and start raising money for your studies. Simple as that.

What’s after?

During the crowdfunding campaign, your backers can turn into your first clients. One of the rewards of your campaign can be to work inside a tech company after you finished your studies. During the process, you will get hands-on job experience, ongoing feedback, mentorship, and peer support — high performers will have the opportunity to be hired full-time right after graduation. The conditions vary from company to company, so you must double check it with your dream employer. In case you want to do an internship with Barcelona Code School and join us as a teaching assistant, we will fund 50% of your tuition fees and the rest can be gathered with the help of FutureFunded crowdfunding platform.

What Barcelona Code School programmes are approved by Future Funded?

For now you can raise money for the JavaScript Full-Stack in-person Bootcamp. You can check the starting dates and fees here.

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