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Luciana Muller, From Recruiter to Developer

Before starting the course I've been working in the recruitment of JavaScript developers. As a consequence, I started getting into development and taking small online courses to learn more about coding. In the end, I really liked it and got really motivated to dig more into it. I’ve seen many basic concepts in these courses but felt the need for something more immersive. I wanted to learn in-depth and be able to start my professional career in programming. That’s why I decided to do this bootcamp and now feel really happy with everything I've accomplished.

Luciana Muller, Barcelona Code School's graduate

I joined the school to change my career because I wasn't enjoying working in the area of Human Resources. As any person in the world I want to do something that motivates me every day and in my case coding was the answer. It was a big challenge and I still have to keep studying because the coding technologies, languages, and libraries change all the time. However, I find coding a very exciting thing to do.

The truth is that I’ve never imagined how the course itself would be and it was extremely surprised how much knowledge I got in just 9 weeks. One of the most motivating factors was the course curriculum that BCS offers as you get a chance to learn not only about web apps but also mobile apps.

It is a tough course because you get plenty of information in a short period of time. With all my energy focused on studying I’ve completed all the projects and really enjoyed the results I got. Sometimes when starting a new topic I was concerned because of the amount of information we had to work with. Sometimes it felt like I didn't understand the point at all. But somehow during the practice time, I saw that I did actually dominated the concepts and was able to work with them. We had great support from Antonello who has been helping us a lot of every day.

Seeing that I am able to build my own web and app kept me very inspired. Being just a recent graduate of a 9-week course, the learning curve was so impressive that I feel that in future I can actually become as skilled as Antonello and George. In addition, you see that programming as a job has a presence in almost all the industries and there always will be new markets and companies where I can fit in.

For any future students my advice is to work hard. Do not procrastinate, because you really need to follow the day to day workflow. Otherwise, you will have too much to do after the course is over. Stay updated and you will understand all the concepts. It is a tough experience I’d say but in the end, you will definitely enjoy it. Personally for me, it was intense but I don't regret anything. We learned, practised and had a lot of fun at the same time. If you dare to try, it will probably be the same way for you.

Luciana graduated from JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp and at the moment of writing is working as a Software Developer at, Barcelona.

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