Just coding, no nonsense / Est. 2015

JavaScript Programming course in Barcelona Code School

This is JavaScript!!!

You asked and we delivered!

Get hands-on experience in pure programming with our intensive JavaScript course where you will learn logic, syntax, and the use of JavaScript, the most in-demand language in web and mobile development today for its ability for full-stack development and build cross-platform applications.

Know your methods from your functions, your variables from your arrays, learn ES6 and advanced programming patterns - in just 8 short days. Not quite a beginner? We’ve designed the course to be able to challenge any level and help you build on your existing skills wether you’re a beginner or if you’ve been exposed to programming before.

In addition we’ll be helping you get the most out of these skills with practical exercises that will help you solve programming challenges by splitting them into steps and using algorithms - just like in the real programming world.

With this first step, you can mentally prepare yourself to think like a programmer, without distracting yourself with the use of libraries and frameworks. After finishing the course you’ll be more than prepared to start learning any JavaScript library of your choice, or become a full-stack web developer with one of our bootcamps.

So sign up today and upgrade yourself!

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