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Developers skills report 2018

New year, new data released to backup the statement that learning how to code will become more and more important in the future. This week a survey of over 39,000 software developers was published by HackerRank to provide some interesting insights into the programmer profession.

2018 Developer Skills Report

Employers’ most common requirement for today’s programming positions is: Knowledge of JavaScript.

NB: When you compare the most in-demand languages by employers with that of the most common languages that developers know, there is no gap.

2018 Developer Skills Report

The biggest gap in knowledge: JavaScript frameworks.

A number of the most in-demand frameworks are JavaScript frameworks — it’s the only language versatile enough to build frontend, backend, mobile and browser extensions. Hence, JavaScript is ruling the web. React is a framework with a biggest demand in the job market with 14,2% of employers not being able to find suitable talent. To quote the report “there’s a big opportunity for developers to learn React as a marketable skill that companies need today”.

P.S. Majority of the employers prioritise problem-solving skills first, so don’t get hooked on learning all TOP JS frameworks.

P.P.S. If you want to get hired, work on your portfolio. But work real hard as that is what matters the most to high level executives. That might sound as a good news to the bootcamp graduates as it outranks the work experience.

2018 Developer Skills Report

Most loved frameworks: Technology preference graph shows that JavaScript frameworks have the biggest positive sentiment among developers. Love-Dislike index gives us valuable information about developers who are developing with certain language or technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it. According to Hackerrank data, Node.js and ExpressJS appears on top of the chart for the backend JavaScript development with React coming in a close second for the frontend development.

Blog entry prepared in accordance with Hackerrank data. The entire survey can be found here.

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