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Building a single page website with CSS Grid

"Building a single page website with CSS Grid" is a practical workshop designed for the beginner students looking into learning the best practices in building modern and responsive websites. During the workshop we are going to go through the entire process of building a website and will finish with a final version deployed on GitHub Pages.

You will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and would be introduced to the amazing world of CSS Grid which allows us effortlessly create complicated layouts without any external libraries.

A single page website could be the best solution for many types of business/projects. It combines all the information about your company on a single page making user navigation easy and straightforward.

No prior knowledge is required for this workshop as you will follow your mentor in every step. What you would need is the content for your website (images, text), a laptop and a code editor (for example, Sublime Text 3).

Please RSVP to secure your place.

Here is an example of what we are going to achieve during this workshop:

Single page responsive website workshop at Barcelona Code School
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