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How bootcamp can help you

Technical intensive courses a.k.a. bootcamps are the biggest thing that happened in education in the last several years. College graduates and experienced professionals from other areas choose intensive programs over long university careers and master degrees to learn relevant skills in a practical way and in a short amount of time. In the current era of digitalization, where the technology evolves nonstop there is also a constant necessity to keep your skills updated accordingly.

What are the advantages of attending a bootcamp?

Bootcamps started as very coding focused, but now you can find a variety of other courses in UX, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and other fields.

So how do people actually benefit from taking a bootcamp?

Enter the job market with strong demand for digital and tech profiles.

The digital transformation of all types of businesses creates a huge demand for tech industry professionals. This shift changes how we live our lives and also creates a gap between supply and demand of skilled individuals capable of building the technology that we all will be using in the future. In case of our JavaScript bootcamp graduates, the demand is so high that it takes them only 1-2 months on average to land a job.

It gives you the freedom to choose your path.

Bootcamps give you the most relevant skills in a certain field and you are the one to decide how to use them. The students that took our courses had different motivations: to find a new job, get promoted at the current one, create their own apps, create a startup or simply live happily in Bali while working on freelance projects.

Learn only what you are going to use and become prepared in no time.

Bootcamp program is always focused on high-impact learning and teaches the most relevant skills for the real world. These programs focus intensely to train the students enough for them to be able to jump into the professional field they are interested in. Through our experience in Barcelona Code School, we are happy to see the amazing transformations of our students who land jobs in exciting companies and projects.

Enter the learning state again.

Learning is a soft skill that must be trained throughout our lives. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the learning process is not so effortless as it used to be when you were a student. Intensive studying programs help you to “wake up” this ability and get it back on track. Especially it is important for the developers as your job requires you to learn every single day.

We usually see this learning capacity improvement during our courses: the first week our students tend to be overwhelmed with the amount of new material but as the course goes on they become more and more receptive to bigger chunks of new knowledge.

All these advantages are coming with a cost though – bootcamps are intense and challenging experience that requires dedication and motivation. You will be getting tons of new information and facing mind bending challenges on a daily basis during several weeks. It is important to be present and focus exclusively on the course during this time. It will be hard but rewarding experience which you will remember for life.

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