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While everybody is talking about supporting women in tech, we actually do that. We are extremely proud, that currently 42% of our graduates are women.

42 percent of our students are women

It’s a nonsense to still hear stories of women being underpaid, asked during the job interviews if they are planning to have children or even if they have a partner who potentially, just by its existence, could lead to that. And yet this is happening, as was casually mentioned by one of our current students. Come on, world! What is wrong with you?

So why are we so excited to have that many female students here, at Barcelona Code School? Well, first of all, we truly believe, that women in general are more intelligent, that men are. Which is proven by the fact, that even though women were discriminated, underestimated and looked down on during centuries, they still made so many great inventions. Not to mention the common observation, that women are much more open to learning new things. That they are not afraid to try and fail — isn’t it what it takes to become a tech pioneer? A great scientist? A true coder? And how about women's intuition? Like they suddenly know exactly what to do? Can you imagine the perspective it’s giving to the industry?

Despite the fact that in Spain women are still considered as responsible for raising kids, cooking and keeping the home intact, it doesn't stop them from juggling all these things and working at the same time. And learning. And now imagine what women could achieve, if only they’d been given an opportunity to concentrate on something they are really good at? Like coding, for instance?

We 100% support gender equality. That’s why we have an automatic 500€ scholarship for women applying for the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp. So that She could hire a nanny to help her with kids while studying full-time. Or compensate her salary being 20% less than her man-buddy’s one. You get it, all right.

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