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Future-proof jobs – workshop for new relevant careers in the age of digitalization

Understanding careers for the future and how to fit in


As technology disrupts our jobs, it's not too late to turn pain into gain. But what are the current emerging professions and how to adapt your personality to them?

In this workshop, we would like to introduce you some of the demanded digital and tech fields that are currently taking over the market. Many of you have heard terms like UX, UI, Agile, Web Design, Development, Front-end & Back-end, and many many others. But what do they exactly mean and which to choose to be relevant professional in the future? What type of background and personality traits do you need to become, for example a UX Designer or Web Developer?

This is a great occasion to bring any type of doubts you have and discuss them all together in a group.

Workshop agenda

  • Meet & Greet
  • Future of the jobs in the era of digitalization
  • Profiles in design: User Experience and User Interface designers
  • Profiles in development: Front-end and Back-end development professionals
  • Specialists vs. Generalists
  • How to choose which one is for you: types of personalities and traits in each job type
  • Discussion & Networking


March 13 , 19:00

Future-proof jobs

Workshop for new relevant careers in the age of digitalization

Muntaner 262, 1-1, 08021, Barcelona, Spain

Cost: FREE

Future-proof jobs